About this blog

We are two San Franciscans who like good coffee, tasty food, and reliable internet. We went to grad school together, and we took up the habit of meeting in coffee shops around the city to spend hours in front of our laptops (we try to be good coffee shop patrons). We quickly discovered that long hours required more sustenance than caffeine, so began our hunt for spots that had food + coffee + internet.

Join us as we eat and work our way through the city.

About us

Kimra McPherson orders an iced coffee, black. She’s hunting for full-time user experience research work, but she’s also been a UX consultant, a crime reporter, a professional TV blogger, and a diner waitress. She lives with her husband, two extra-large cats, and a few dozen unread magazines in Duboce Triangle.

Alison Meier drinks a non-fat latte with one packet of sugar in the raw. She spends her days doing product strategy at a local user experience design and research firm and likes to think about the future of reading on mobile devices. Alison lives with her husband and scruffy terrier mutt in Bernal Heights.

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