7 Oct

A friend of ours recently asked why we don’t have any Financial District posts, to which we responded that we have a lot of trouble finding a good place downtown. Most establishments downtown specialize in shuffling large numbers of people through during the lunch hour (if they have chairs at all), so few places are a good spot for longterm laptopping. We are super excited about the new Coffee Bar coming to the area, but in the meantime, we tend to end up at Specialty’s.

Specialty's on Pine (and Montgomery)

Specialty's on Pine (and Montgomery)

In general, we try to avoid chain coffee shops, but as far as chains go, Specialty’s isn’t too bad. Some of the locations have ample seating and good internet connections. The spot at Pine and Montgomery even has a nice outdoor seating area. They are super tech savvy, from iPads for ordering on-location to an online sandwich builder to a warm cookie radar.  (Even if you don’t use the warm cookie radar, always ask which ones are straight out the oven. They are epically more delicious.)

Pluses: lots of locations around the Financial District (though not all have seating)

Minuses: it’s a chain, no outlets

A couple of their locations with seating:


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