5 Oct

Ever wanted to take a cable car to a coffee shop? Well then Nook is your spot. Right along the Powell-Hyde cable car line, Nook is a cozy cafe and wine bar with a large menu.

Fruit and granola at Nook

Fruit and granola at Nook

Despite offering internet, there aren’t many other people using laptops at Nook. The clientele leans a bit toward the leisurely lunch crowd, but they’re friendly to the laptop set too. There are a few tables outside, so on nice days you can wave at the tourists riding by.

Sangria Mondays

Sangria Mondays

Pluses: a lot of food options, happy hour

Minuses: internet is limited to 7am-5pm on weekdays (none on holidays or weekends), it can be crowded, and have you seen how expensive cable car rides are?


One Response to “Nook”

  1. Linda McP October 5, 2011 at 1:51 pm #

    One of my favorite places to visit in the city. Gotta get back there sometime!

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