Modern Coffee

22 Sep

Heading across the bay to Oakland, Modern Coffee is right by the 12th Street BART station on the ground floor of Tribune Tower. Modern Coffee is a good name for this place; its hip feel is a stark contrast to the historic building it sits in.

Modern Coffee in Oakland

Modern Coffee in Oakland

This small spot gets busy in waves as downtown Oakland workers seem to take their coffee breaks on the same schedule. If you can grab a table during a lull, however, it’s a good place to get some work done with a good cup of coffee.

Modern Coffee serves several local craft coffee brands, including Sightglass, FourBarrel, and Ecco Caffe, but their prices are reasonable ($3 for a latte). They even offer more than one espresso option at a time, which is rare. They don’t have much food, but you can stave off your hunger with a bagel.

Pluses: San Francisco hipster coffee at Oakland prices

Minuses: small, not many tables, not much food

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