Nervous Dog

19 Sep

Nervous Dog is a rather unassuming coffee shop at the foot of Bernal Hill (within the borders of La Lengua, according to some). It’s a common spot for laptopers and working meetings; on a recent visit, Lunch & Laptop sat next to a small group planning their next indie movie. The decor isn’t remarkable, but it feels like a lived-in local spot, with flyers on the bulletin board and a bookshelf for perusal.

Nervous Dog

Nervous Dog

Nervous Dog serves two kinds of chai, breakfasty foods, bagels, smoothies, and of course, coffee. There are small tables as well as a couch, and there a couple of outlets are along the wall.

Sadly health department regulations mean that dogs are no longer allowed inside, so your nervous (or anxiety-free) pup has to stay outside.

Pluses: homey atmosphere, easy to get a table

Minuses: the menu is more geared toward breakfast (all day) than lunch

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