9 Aug

Jane is a couple of different atmospheres in one. Downstairs, it’s a light, modern coffee bar with big windows, a serious tea selection, and plenty of seating for the lunchtime crowd. Upstairs, it’s more of a living room/grandma’s attic scene, with side tables, armchairs, and a few tables painted with sayings that made us chuckle despite their slight Maxine-from-the-Hallmark-cards vibe.

Upstairs table

Upstairs table; toffee cookie

The Pacific Heights cafe proclaims that it wants to be “your fun respite from your busy anonymous city life” and “your home away from home,” statements that are music to our lunch-and-laptopper ears. The cafe does regulate laptop use in the downstairs area, with several tables reserved for lunch patrons from 11:30-2:30, but everywhere else is a work-friendly zone at all hours. On a recent visit, we overheard a couple of computer programmers talking about Jane as their regular work spot, but it also draws those taking a break from shopping on Fillmore Street or just meeting friends for an afternoon chat.

Jane's coffee bar

Jane's coffee bar

Four Barrel provides the coffee, Five Mountains does the tea, and Jane does the rest, including some unusual cookies (toffee, Nutella). We haven’t tried the lunch, but the menu looks like a solid list of cafe classics (ham and gruyere panini; chopped salad; daily soup).

Pluses: friendly staff; relatively easy to get a spot with an outlet

Minuses: spotlight-y lights make the upstairs a little stuffy


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