Mercury Cafe

1 Aug
Mercury Cafe vegan baked goods

Mercury Cafe vegan baked goods

Mercury Cafe serves individually brewed cups of De La Paz coffee–beans delivered by bike messenger–homemade vegan and non-vegan baked goods, and sandwiches on Acme bread. Despite their high-brow foodiness, the place is a casual local hangout.

The place fills up most weekdays, though you can usually snag a table if you time it right (or wait for your own spot at one of the counter stools).

They serve beer and wine in the evenings and even have some happy hour specials. They have occasional evening events, listed on their Facebook page.

The cafe has big windows that open onto the sidewalk, so you can pretend you’re working outside on nice days without suffering from screen glare. Seats with plugs, however, are along the back wall; this area can get a little stuffy on hot days, so come fully charged if it’s warm by SF standards. They are currently raising money for their own parklet, so here’s hoping they’ll have a real outdoor seating area soon.

Pluses: Tasty food, plugs, happy hour, reliable internet, big windows

Minuses: Can be busy


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