The Summit

29 Jul

The Summit got a bunch of attention when it opened late last year, probably because it seemed to bring together three of the things San Francisco loves most: tech entrepreneurship, local food, and fresh coffee. Officially, a whole bunch of start-ups have their offices in this building, thanks to incubator I/O Ventures. Unofficially, a bunch more are probably getting started at any one of The Summit’s long worktables or cushy couches.

Long communal tables at Summit

Long communal tables at Summit

The warehouse-like space accommodates plenty of laptops, and that’s part of its problem: The Summit seems like it would be a great place to hang out and work all day, but with only about six outlets in the whole space, it’s not practical to count on this place being your office-away-from-home. Our tip: Head straight for the back, where you can keep an eye on the prime seats near the wall outlets; bonus points for bringing your own extension cord.

Even if the “laptop” part of Lunch and Laptop can be a challenge here, the “lunch” part is a big winner. It’s not cheap, but it’s also not your standard cafe fare; you’re shelling out for seasonal salads, 4505 Meats sausages, and inventive drink specials. Coffee is from Blue Bottle; teas come on adorable trays with timers. We hear desserts are the real specialty, but they’re only served in the evening, after the laptops are put away.

Iced coffee at The Summit

Iced coffee at The Summit

Pluses: General atmosphere of productivity and start-up-y energy; quality food and drink; collectively produced soundtrack that on one recent day included everything from Radiohead to TLC’s “Waterfalls”

Minuses: Competitive outlet situation; awkward stools instead of proper chairs; pricey


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