Bean There

29 Jul

Bean There might as well be Lunch and Laptop’s HQ; we’ve been frequenting the Lower Haight spot for almost two years now, celebrating many of grad school’s milestones in the sunny cafe. It’s a quiet cafe frequented by locals, with wooden bench seating in the long main room, a small section of booths in the back corner, and loads of natural light from the windows lining two sides of the cafe.

Bean There

Bean There's sunny interior

The booth area and one side of the main room have outlets; the other side of the main room doesn’t. That means the crowd tends to divide neatly along technological lines: laptop jockeys under the windows or in the back, and newspaper-readers, novel-writers, and chatty visitors occupying the other long bench. There are also a few basic outdoor tables along Steiner and Waller for nicer days.

Bean There’s been making some upgrades lately to its coffee service and food menu. The sandwiches are fine but generally nothing to write home about; more recently, though, the cafe’s introduced some pre-made but yummy-looking empanadas, quiches, and burritos, all priced under $5. Other winners include tasty bite-sized pastries and desserts (including, on a good day, mini cinnamon rolls), and the iced coffee fiend among us gives theirs two thumbs up.

Pluses: Bright and (if it’s actually nice outside) breezy; rotating exhibits from local artists; generally excellent soundtrack

Minuses: Sandwiches are pricey for what you get; outlet-stalking can be necessary; cash only


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