Caffe Pascucci

22 Jul
Pascucci frosted goodness

Pascucci frosted goodness

Caffe Pascucci is directly across from the ballpark, but this Italian coffee shop is a world away from a sports bar. This roomy, white space is relatively serene and rarely crowded. This is location is just one of a worldwide chain, but its Italian heritage makes that seem classy rather than sellout-y.

Caffe Pascucci salad

Caffe Pascucci salad

There are plugs along the side walls, so this is a good place to stay for a while. They have a changing menu of special sandwiches, salads, and a few flatbread pizzas that are generally tasty. With a long list of Italian coffee drinks, it’s hard to order a non-fat latte when there are so many options with chocolate or dulce de leche or Nutella on the menu. They also serve beer and wine and occasionally offer samples of their newest treats at the register.

Pluses: Plugs, candy-like coffee drinks, relatively quiet and uncrowded, near MUNI N and T lines

Minuses: WiFi can be unreliable at times


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