Arlequin Cafe

22 Jul
Garden at Arlequin

Garden at Arlequin

Arlequin's menu

Arlequin's menu

When San Francisco gets one of its rare warm, sunny days, we at Lunch and Laptop don’t like spending even a second working inside. Thank goodness, then, for Hayes Valley’s Arlequin Cafe, a veritable holy grail of wifi, lunch, and sunshine.

Arlequin’s welcoming patio is just the right mix of sun and shade, and the wifi signal is strong at even the furthest tables — just make sure your battery is full before you arrive, because you won’t find any power outlets in the garden. (If it gets chilly — which it will, obviously, because it’s San Francisco — Arlequin’s also got an assortment of tables inside.)

And as a bonus, you can drink fine wine (and beer) while you work. Arlequin is sandwiched in between sister businesses Arlequin Wine Merchant and Absinthe, a Hayes Valley institution.

Pluses: Dog-friendly outside; transitions easily from coffee to wine; good for snacks and meals; fresh air!

Minuses: Pricey; no outlets outside; occasionally smells like garbage in the garden


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